PEFC certification increases our recognition and reliability

After its invention in the 20th century, plastic was seen as a miracle material. Today, we know about the various health and environmental risks it brings.

Not only does plastic contribute to air pollution by emitting CO2, microplastics are also increasingly accumulating in the human body through the food chain, causing serious health issues.

Korean company Dongnam Realize found a sustainable alternative in CXP, a new kind of thermosoftening wood made from PEFC-certified wood. Thanks to its plastic-like properties, CXP can replace the plastic products we use in our daily lives.

We spoke to Seunghoon Lim, Chief Technology Officer at Dongnam Realize, who told us more about the material and its potential to make the future more sustainable.

Can you give us a brief introduction to your company and its position in the market?
Dongnam Realize manufactures CXP, a thermoplastic, non-toxic wood material using forestry by-products.

CXP wood products have properties that can replace general-purpose plastics. CXP is an eco-friendly, non-toxic material, not based on plastic resins, which makes it unique. We are currently doing business with many companies that are looking for eco-friendly alternatives.

In the context of forest-based product sourcing, what is your company’s goal?
Various forestry by-products are generated around the world: six million tons per year in Korea alone. Our goal is to promote sustainable forest management and reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions by using forestry by-products and thinned logs.

Adding value to these by-products will be an incentive for forestry workers to practice sustainable forest management. Through this, we hope to expand the area of sustainably managed forests.
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