PEFC suspends PEFC Russia

The Russian National Voluntary Forest Certification System (FCR) has been suspended by the PEFC International Board, in mutual agreement with PEFC Russia.

The suspension is intended to preserve the conditions for a successful long-term cooperation with PEFC Russia in order to support sustainable forest management in the Russian Federation in light of the current political situation.

The suspension is effective as of 11 August 2022 and suspension is initially valid until 31 December 2022.

What does this mean for PEFC-certified organisations?
Certificates issued against the Russian National Voluntary Forest Certification System (FCR) are no longer PEFC recognised as of 11 August 2022. This applies to both forest management and chain of custody certificates. Certified organisations are therefore prohibited from using PEFC claims and the PEFC label and cannot sell material as PEFC certified.

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