Phoenix Paper Completes Inkjet Product Line Launch

Phoenix Paper is pleased to announce the launch of their new product line, Phoenix Inkjet. Fall of 2022, Phoenix Paper entered the Inkjet paper market, offering Phoenix Premier™, a treated inkjet sheet, and Phoenix Preferred™, an untreated inkjet sheet to Commercial Inkjet Printers. Phoenix Paper completed the launch of their Inkjet line in March of 2023 with their 7pt. and 9pt. treated Phoenix Premier™ Grades.

Field trials were conducted on each Phoenix Inkjet grade at OEMs and commercial ink jet locations to ensure the products met the paper applications required by end users. Phoenix Paper Field Tech Representatives were involved in the quality trials at major OEMs and the paper scored high in all categories.

The Phoenix Inkjet line offers quality products to Commercial Printing customers where the demand for personalization and shorter press runs is growing. According to Phoenix Paper Sales Director Tom Umenhofer, “The development of our Inkjet line by our experienced and talented paper engineers will give printers the ability to run a premium inkjet grade which has demonstrated superb on-press performance for crisp printing images.”

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