PRC Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Justification

Today the Commission released its Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Justification submitted earlier to the Postal Service Board of Governors in accordance with Title 39, United States Code, Section 205.

Last week, the Commission submitted a revised budget request of $22.613 million for FY 2024 to the Postal Service Governors. The Commission submitted this revised request in response to correspondence and discussions with the Governors regarding the initial budget request of $23.399 million.

The initial request sought to fund increases to fixed costs, including inflationary adjustments to wages and benefits, lease payments, and the addition of 5 full-time equivalent employees. The revised request only covers increases to the Commission’s fixed costs for FY 2024 and does not fund increased capacity in FY 2024.

As an independent regulator, the Commission provides critical transparency and accountability of the Postal Service’s actions and decisions. The Postal Service issued the Delivering for America (DFA) plan, its 10-Year Strategic Plan announcing potential changes to achieve financial stability and service excellence. On April 20, 2023, the Commission established a public inquiry to examine recent and planned network changes associated with the DFA plan. Although the Postal Service opposed the Commission’s inquiry, the Commission has received multiple comments and questions from the public, stakeholders, and Members of Congress related to the inquiry.
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