Production to Halt on PS Hot Cup Lids in Favor of PP

Lollicup® USA Inc. will halt all production on PS (polystyrene) hot cup lids starting the end of this year, and will only produce PP (polypropylene) hot cup lids.  This unprecedented decision is based on Lollicup’s move towards producing products that are recyclable, compostable, and more eco-friendly.

“PP is more heat resistant than PS, more environmentally friendly, and leaves less of a carbon foot print,” said Lollicup’s founder and CEO Alan Yu.

This decision could not be timelier, as the world’s largest coffee chain has recently switched their lids from PS to PP, and the PS lids are on the Plastics Ban List. The list was made by four non-profit watch groups, whose influence has made significant changes in the industry already.

The marketplace has seen the ban on expanded polystyrene extend from Seattle, Portland, and select cities in California to Miami, Freeport, and New York.  Managers at Lollicup feel it is only a matter of time before more plastic bans will start to be enforced. CEO Alan Yu said, “This will be the trend of the future.”

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