RRD Survey Uncovers Dramatic Increase in Demand for At-Home Diagnostic Test Kits

A study released today by R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) revealed how consumerization and COVID-19 have contributed to increased demand for diagnostic test kits delivered to consumers’ homes. Nearly all of the relevant supply chain decision makers surveyed (97%) noted an increase in demand for at-home testing over the last two years. Of that group, a vast majority (95%) feel fairly confident about meeting this demand and most (95%) are looking for the right outsourcing partners to do so.

RRD surveyed 200 supply chain professionals with decision-making power to understand what’s fueling the increase in at-home testing diagnostics and how well equipped organizations are to accommodate that growth on the heels of global supply chain disruption. Findings from the Diagnostic Drivers Report show heightened consumer expectations such as faster delivery timelines and the convenience of testing from home are driving growth in the at-home testing market.

“Routine COVID-19 testing has increased comfortability with self-testing at home. As such, consumers have grown accustomed to the convenience of testing for everything from food sensitivity and fertility to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the privacy and comfort of their own homes,” said John Marrow, President, RRD Supply Chain Solutions. “Through this survey, we sought to understand how organizations are navigating this increase in demand from a supply chain perspective and we’re pleased to see our data affirms that they understand the challenges and are taking action to manage disruptions and realign supply chains.”
more at: https://investor.rrd.com/news/news-details/2023/RRD-Survey-Uncovers-Dramatic-Increase-in-Demand-for-At-Home-Diagnostic-Test-Kits/default.aspx

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