Safe energy with climate gains in SCAs Nokia plant

SCA takes a 360-degree approach to its environmental impact – we have targets in place to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, tripling the production of forest-based biofuels and increasing the availability of wind power. One example of how SCA are taking major strides in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions can be found in SCAs plant in Nokia, Finland.

Together with a number of other companies, SCA is investing in a new biofuel plant in Finland. Through joint production of energy from biomass, which stems from the forest, SCA’s Finnish plant in Nokia will no longer be dependent on Russian natural gas for its steam generation. In addition, the plant will drastically reduce its carbon footprint – by about 20,000 tons per year, corresponding to 40%.

“Despite Nokia’s outstanding efforts to reduce energy consumption overall, we consume enough steam to heat half of a small town like Nokia. By investing into a new biomass-fired boiler, we will secure the steam supply, get carbon neutral at the site and reduce cost. All this contributes well to SCA’s objectives to increase efficiencies in our operations,” explains Rob Fuhrmann, Product Supply Director Region Nordic.

Biomass is procured locally for the new power plant and half of the biosludge from our own production of tissue is utilized as an energy source at the plant. This entails additional advantages – a reduction in costs and the utilization of by-products from production.

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