Sappi North America Unveils New Marketing Resource, ‘The Five Second Rule’ Supported by Sappi’s Line of High-Quality Web Cover Grades for a Flawless First Impression

Sappi North America, a leading producer and supplier of diversified paper and packaging products, has revealed its newest promotional resource for brand managers, “The Five Second Rule”. With only five seconds to convince a customer to read a piece of direct mail, first impressions are critical. Printed on Sappi’s multiple web cover grades, Opus and Somerset, the kits come in a stunning exterior envelope, designed to illustrate direct mail’s ability to instantly stand out and create a memorable experience so that consumers are driven to take action. Inside, readers will find inspiration for making collateral that resonates with four unique direct mail examples.

Direct mail is the preferred method of brand communications for consumers aged 18-34[i], with marketing representing more than half of the total mail volume in the U.S.[ii] Together, these figures illustrate the immense need for businesses to employ thoughtful, targeted and high-quality direct mail campaigns that will stand out.

“Making direct mail impactful comes down to three key things: design, copy and paper,” said Patti Groh, Marketing Communications Director, Sappi North America. “This kit is important, because it demonstrates to marketers that the first thing prospective customers will notice about their piece is the way that it feels in their hands. High-quality printed materials tend to linger on the kitchen counter far longer than marketing materials printed on standard paper, ensuring a lasting impression on the consumer.” Sappi’s web covers are engineered to provide this lasting impression at a lighter weight, delivering savings for brand managers over time.

Each direct mail piece in the kit exemplifies a different focus, including versatility, surface quality, style, yield advantage and postage cost.

Sappi North America offers the broadest range of web cover options in the industry. Opus PS is a paper designed for direct mail – with superior glueability, fold-ability and caliper guarantees for predictable postage costs. Our latest addition for the direct mail market, Somerset 9pt cover offers an 8 percent yield advantage over the competition.
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