SEE Reports Q3 2022 Results

*Net sales of $1.4 billion, flat as reported; up 5% constant currency
*Net earnings of $133 million, up 23%
*Adjusted EBITDA of $293 million, up 8% as reported; up 12% constant currency
*Earnings per share (Diluted) of $0.91, up 28%
*Adjusted Earnings per share (Diluted) of $0.98, up 14% as reported; up 19% constant currency
*Cash flow from operations (year to date) of $321 million, down 15%
*Accelerating growth investments – CapEx of $184 million, up 19%, in 2022

“We delivered an 8% increase in Adjusted EBITDA in the quarter, despite continued cost inflation, foreign currency headwinds and slowing demand. Our SEE Operating Engine is powering through these challenging times.

We are creating value for our customers through Automation, Digital and Sustainable solutions. We are making bold investments in people, technology and our business, as we accelerate SEE’s journey to world-class performance,” said Ted Doheny, SEE’s President and CEO.
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