Sen. Hawley Unveils Bill Aimed At Curbing Personalized Ads (

Republican Senator Josh Hawley, a frequent critic of tech companies, has unveiled a bill that would require web publishers to avoid personalized advertising in order to maintain their protections from lawsuits based on users’ speech.

“Big Tech’s manipulative advertising regime comes with a massive hidden price tag for consumers while providing almost no return to anyone but themselves,” the Missouri lawmaker stated Tuesday.

His proposed “Behavioral Advertising Decisions Are Downgrading Services (BAD ADS) Act” would strip large web companies of the protection of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act if the companies either engage in what he calls “behavioral advertising,” or allow users’ data to be collected for such advertising. Currently, Section 230 generally protects web companies from lawsuits based on material posted by users, including posts that are defamatory or violate state laws.
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