SFI progress report marks 20 years of leadership in forest certification

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) has just released its 2015 progress report, “Growing our Future”, which traces its journey to becoming one of the top forest certification programs in the world. Founded by the American forest industry, SFI is now a fully independent organization, governed by a three-chamber board reflecting the environmental, social and economic pillars of sustainability.

As the report documents, SFI is today the single largest certification standard in the world and has consistently gained more certified forest area than any other forest management standard in North America since 2000. Millar Western has been proudly certified to the SFI standard for sustainable forest management (SFM) practices since 2009.

In addition to SFI SFM, Millar Western holds two chain-of-custody certifications, PEFC and FSC, confirming that we have robust measures in place to prevent illegal or controversial timber from entering our supply chain.  Each of our certifications helps us assure our customers, neighbours and other stakeholders that we are working responsibly as we grow our own future.

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