Shout-Outs to Publishers Giving Back to Their Communities (

Hearst – Steven Swartz has issued two statements pledging his company’s commitment to supporting “a fairer and more just society,” which he stated was “a core principle” of the company. In his second memo, he also announced the company’s fundraising initiative to support the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Equal Justice Initiative. In addition to already donating $500,000, the company is pledging to match up to another $500,000 from employee donations.
Reader’s Digest Foundation – The Reader’s Digest Foundation is committing $2 million to United Through Reading, a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting military families with the experience of shared storytimes.
Seeker – Group Nine Media’s science publication is releasing a free educational offering for home education, “Seeker Learning.” In addition to offering access to its library of content, Seeker will open up a dialogue between the brand, teachers and parents looking for specific content.

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