Strategies for Breaking Down Silos (

Omnichannel success is all about breaking down barriers between channels and building cooperation. Every company that strives for omnichannel success is trying to change from being company-centric or channel-centric to being customer-centric.

In a channel-centric company, one channel typically dominates the others. In this business model, the company is more important than the customer; everything revolves around improving sales and making more money for the company. Retailers think first and foremost of their stores; other channels are an afterthought. Pure-play catalog or ecommerce companies concentrate only on their method of selling.

A customer-centric business is totally oriented toward the customer. Customers decide when, where, and how they wish to shop with the company. From the customer’s perspective:
*The customers control the relationship.
*Customer service is seamless across all channels.
*Customers see a single face/identity/voice/brand from the company, regardless of channel.
*Customers have the feeling that the company cares about them and works for their loyalty.
*Most if not all merchandise is available from all selling channels.
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