Tetra Pak to consolidate its Singapore-based production

Tetra Pak announced today that it will close its packaging material production in Jurong and consolidate the Singapore-based production into its other factories in the region. This shift will take place over the next 12 months and is part of the company’s continuous strategy to optimise its global manufacturing footprint, serve customers better and adapt to the changing market dynamics. The company will maintain a strong business presence in Singapore to support its global growth with core operational functions, including business management, project centres, IT, human resources, finance and marketing functions.

The Tetra Pak Packaging Materials factory in Jurong started operations in 1982, supplying customers in Singapore and serving as an export base. However, with market dynamics changing significantly over the past decades, the company recognises the need to adapt in order to maintain competitiveness. Striking a delicate balance between market demands, industrial footprint optimisation, and operational cost efficiency is paramount.
more at: https://www.tetrapak.com/about-tetra-pak/news-and-events/newsarchive/tetra-pak-to-consolidate-its-Singapore-based-production

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