The 6 D’s of Direct Mail Defined (

A small business guide to launching a direct mail campaign.

Let’s begin by considering an enlightening statistic. From the moment it enters a residence, a printed mail piece has an average lifespan of 17 days.

17 glorious axial rotations shuffling around the kitchen table and narrowly escaping coffee mug rings, only to be folded up during dinner and launched like a fighter jet. Each casual glance, each physical point of contact increasing brand awareness and unconsciously driving home your message.

Now consider another form of [extremely] direct mail: Email has an average life span of (wait for it) 2 seconds!

Two seconds? That’s shorter than the attention span of a goldfish (five seconds).

The response rate for direct mail is also about 9 times higher than that of email, rolling in between 5-9%. When combined with digital marketing efforts, that rate skyrockets to a whopping 28%.
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