The great paper chase (

By Melita Cameron Wood
Paper, in any form, is in short supply across the world – caused by disrupted supply chains, labor shortages, logistical problems and the insufficient acceptance of digital publications. How is all of this affecting businesses in the US?

When I first got into the paper industry, in the mid-90s, paper was arguably at its peak in production and demand,” Bill Rojack says. “Ever since, there’s been a steady decline in demand.” Rojack is the vice president of the National Division of MIDLAND, one of America’s biggest independent paper and packaging distributors . This steady downward trend had led many paper manufacturers either to close their plants or repurpose their equipment.

“ Paper mills are incredibly expensive,” Rojack explains. “To start a paper mill costs about $2 billion (€1.8 billion). It takes about five years to build a mill. It’s the third most energy-intensive business in the US” These high costs mean that manufacturers are under extreme pressure to ensure that adequate profits are made.
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