The PEFC EUDR roll out

PEFC has 25 years of experience in enabling dialogue on sustainable forest management. We meet the challenge of EUDR no differently: bringing different experts and stakeholders together, building consensus, and providing a solution to the market that gives flexibility and responds to the needs of our stakeholders.

We have put in place a cross-functional plan to cover the different aspects within EUDR. Aligned to our inclusive dialogue and bottom-up approach, PEFC members and external experts are participating in working groups and task forces to develop our PEFC EUDR solution for the market.

PEFC chain of custody
To help our PEFC chain of custody certified organisations comply with their EUDR obligations, we are developing an EUDR adapted DDS (due diligence system).

This voluntary tool will be compatible with the main PEFC DDS in our Chain of Custody standard (ST 2002) and limited to forest and tree-based products. Companies will be able to decide whether they implement the ST 2002 chain of custody DDS or replace it with the EUDR adapted DDS.

Importantly, the EUDR adapted DDS will go further than EUDR alignment, to also cover our controversial sources definition.  
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