Transcontinental Advanced Coatings announces the launch of the Total Care Medical Product Portfolio

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings is thrilled to announce the launch of the Total Care product portfolio of medical components used in the manufacturing of advanced wound care dressings, consumer & cosmetic dressings, ostomy devices, IV, patient monitoring devices, and medical antimicrobial hard coats. This new, technically superior portfolio provides leading tailored solutions that support the highest level of brand confidence, patient comfort, care, and healing.

The Total Care line is a comprehensive medical product portfolio that features the trusted and newly enhanced inspire® product range of ultra-thin polyurethane films and innovative medical-grade adhesives for advanced wound care. Additionally, we have added new complementing platforms of silicone adhesives and hydrophilic foams used in bi- and tri-laminate constructions and wound dressings. The Total Care line also extends to z-flo™ conductive films for patient monitoring and medical devices, and reflex™, our range of antimicrobial hard-coated, optical-grade films, that stand up to the most challenging applications for HMI (human-machine interface) and MTS (membrane touch switch) applications.

“We expanded our medical product portfolio in response to strong customer demand, leveraging our 50 years of product development experience, coupled with world-class cleanroom manufacturing facilities in two continents and recent capital investments. Transcontinental Advanced Coatings is the preeminent supplier of integrated medical components,” said Sam Bendavid, Sr. Vice President, TC Transcontinental Advanced Coatings. “Our purpose is to offer industry-leading technical performance and a simplified supply chain that the market demands of medical component manufacturers with our comprehensive Total Care portfolio.”

Furthermore, we are introducing an inspire® premium line enhancement called inspire®Total Care Ultra-Breathable. This platform includes value-enhancing cast medical films that deliver quality, design, and performance without compromise. The specialty thin-gauge, medical polyurethane films are the next generation in advanced wound care and are designed to provide incomparable ultra-breathability and conformability.

“For well over 50 years, we have been manufacturing the most advanced wound care, IV, and medical device components available to global brand owners and medical product manufacturers alike. We are proud of our extended knowledge of the medical industry’s unique needs, including the importance of innovation, confidentiality, sterilization, reliability and regulatory compliance. We will continue to invest and innovate in high-performing breakthrough products and deliver great value,” added Sam Bendavid.

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