U.S. e-commerce sales growth decelerates in January

New figures from the U.S. Census Bureau suggest online sales grew roughly 15.9% in January, a slight deceleration from strong gains in December and November.

What the government agency calls “nonstore sales” reached $54.97 billion on a seasonally adjusted basis in January, a 10.2% increase compared with $49.87 billion.

Nonstore sales mainly take place online but also include other channels such as mail and telephone orders, door-to-door sales and sales through vending machines.

The 10.2% increase in January was a deceleration from December, when seasonally adjusted nonstore sales increased 11.4% year over year, and November, which saw a 12.6% jump, nonstore growth continues to far exceed in-store growth.

Factoring out nonstore sales, total U.S. retail sales reached $379.39 billion in January, a 3.0% increase compared with $368.38 billion in January 2017.
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