Unhappy Customers and Unexpected Opportunities (jschmid.com)

One of our clients challenged us this week to find a way to call out a product they had improved. The perception (and the truth) was that this particular product—in this particular niche industry—was indeed subpar for a while. And our client fixed it. Really, really well.

What brand doesn’t slip now and then? From large, global corporations accused of being environmentally negligent, to the small online retailer that suffers an inventory issue, most businesses, at one time or another, experience the Unhappy Customer Moment.

The good news? There is such an abundance of feedback channels and data now to provide immediate and rich information on how our customers are experiencing our products and our brands. The even better news? This information provides us with an extraordinary opportunity for change. To respond. To fix the problem.

read more at: https://www.jschmid.com/blog/unhappy-customers-and-unexpected-opportunities/

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