Verso to Amend Grade Offering

In an effort to manage our extensive paper manufacturing system in the most efficient and responsive way, Verso is discontinuing production of our Focus® grade as of July 31, 2018. Our current Focus® inventory will be available for sale until it is extinguished.

Our Influence® offering will continue to be Verso’s flagship brand for the No. 3 coated freesheet web market. The elimination of the Focus® grade allows for expanded production of Influence® Gloss, Soft-Gloss®, Matte, and Gravure. With this streamlined grade structure, Verso’s inventory replenishment of Influence® will also be enhanced.

An excellent option for all types of end uses, Influence® is the industry leader in No. 3 web paper. With an unmatched variety of basis weights and finishes along with unparalleled pressroom performance and printability, Influence® strengthens your brand while helping your message looks its best.

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