VPK Group agrees deal for acquisition of Encase (packagingnews.co.uk)

Encase operates two integrated corrugated packaging plants in England and one sheet plant in Scotland.

VPK will merge Encase with its UK corrugated operations, formerly known as Rigid Containers.

The combined businesses are expected to achieve yearly sales of more than £200m in corrugated packaging and sheets.

All six corrugators combine a yearly containerboard consumption of 300,000 tons, which represents a major part of the non-integrated recycled containerboard consumption in UK.

Julian Freeman, sales and marketing director, UK & Ireland, VPK Group, told Packaging News: “The Encase business and customer profile is highly complimentary to that operated by VPK in the UK. The broader machinery portfolio provided by the acquisition will undoubtedly offer some new and interesting opportunities, enabling us to enter new markets, or indeed provide single source solutions where we were unable to do so before.”
more at source: https://www.packagingnews.co.uk/news/business/mergers-acquisitions/vpk-group-agrees-deal-acquisition-encase-22-10-2020#:~:text=VPK%20Group%20is%20to%20buy,formerly%20known%20as%20Rigid%20Containers.

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