WestRock’s CanCollar, a paper-based multipack solution for your canned beer

The CanCollar is cool. It’s also perfect for craft breweries who want to embrace better environmental stewardship. WestRock’s CanCollar is a durable, environmentally friendly, paperboard-based multipack solution for cans. The CanCollar is made from 86 percent renewable fiber and up to 15 percent recycled content.

But maybe the best part of the CanCollar setup is that WestRock (an American paper and packaging manufacturer) also makes the machinery that smaller brewers and beverage companies can use to pack cans using the CanCollar. Watch the video above to see how easy these suckers are to install over your cans. The machinery, known as The Chunk, has helped breweries reduce line labor by 30 percent, giving one employee the ability to apply CanCollar to a full case of 24 cans in 12 seconds using a simple one-motion applicator.

WestRock’s wet-strength CarrierKote material is laminated to the CanCollar to reinforce the pack against the moisture and rough handling in beer supply chains and use occasions. The clay surface can be printed or embellished to reinforce brand elements and elevate the consumer experience. Watch the video for more info.
more at:  https://www.craftbrewingbusiness.com/news/watch-video-westrocks-cancollar-paper-based-multipack-solution-canned-beer/?utm_source=WestRock

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