How Will the 2018 USPS Rate Increases Affect Publishers and Marketers?

Effective January 21, 2018 the United States Postal Service (USPS) will increase mail and shipping rates across the board. Publishers and marketers who utilize mailing services will be affected by these changes.

The USPS is not alone in its price increase for 2018. According to the Pitney Bowes blog, FedEx and UPS both announced an average shipping rate increase of 4.9 percent. In comparison, the USPS is still a competitive and cost-saving option.

Why the increase in pricing? How will this influence publishers, marketers and businesses? What are the rate changes and what percentage will they increase?

These are all valid questions that we’ll attempt to answer in this blog post.

USPS 2018 Rates
Just about every mail category rate will increase in 2018, including Marketing Mail (formerly known as Standard Mail), First Class Mail Retail, First Class Mail Discount and Periodicals. While many of the pricing changes are minimal, marketers and publishers should analyze the potential impact and plan accordingly. For some high volume mailers, a few cents is a big deal.
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