Artisan Colour First in Arizona to Install an HP Indigo 7K Digital Press (

Artisan Colour is excited to announce that it has purchased and implemented a new seven-color HP Indigo 7K digital press, adding to its arsenal of technically advanced, color calibrated printing equipment. A source at HP confirms that Artisan’s new press is the first of its kind installed in Arizona.

“We’re so excited to be able to start using the HP Indigo 7K to produce elevated end products that fit a number of high-value niches that most small printers and many large ones can’t fill,” said Doug Bondon, Artisan Colour President and CEO. “We are looking forward to breaking open new opportunities for the company with this technically advanced digital press!”

Part of the HP Indigo 7K’s versatility is the ability to individually configure the seven available color units based on the niche markets the shop supports. In addition to the traditional Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks, Artisan has chosen to dedicate one ink channel to actual (not emulated) Pantone spot colors. A very small percentage of the market has this capability, which has traditionally made smaller quantity runs more costly on an offset press. Now Artisan clients can get Pantone spot colors for their brand at the reduced cost of a digital press.
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