Color Ink Invites Customers and Prospects to a ‘World of Pure Imagination’

On June 6, 2018, Color Ink’s facility in Sussex, Wis., transformed into every child’s dream … a chocolate factory. Well not quite, but there was a bubbling chocolate fountain, cupcakes and candy galore, and Willy Wonka himself. To celebrate its newly installed MGI JETvarnish 3D, Color Ink hosted an open house for 350 customers, prospects, and of course friends and family. The event had a “Golden Ticket” theme and showcased Color Ink’s wide range of capabilities.

In late 2017, Color Ink purchased the JETvarnish 3D, Todd Meissner, president or Color Ink, explains. When the device was purchased, it was clear an open house would be necessary to showcase its capabilities to customers and prospects.

“We had a hard time wrapping our minds around the technology and understanding its fit in the marketplace when we first saw it,” he says. “If it took us a while to wrap our minds around it, we knew that we had to go above and beyond to get our customers to understand it.”

That’s why six months after it was installed — in January 2018 — Color Ink hosted the open house to show customers and prospects the new device’s capabilities. The “Golden Ticket” theme was born from the feeling the device has brought to the company, one of whimsy.

“We view it as somewhat magical,” Meissner says.
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