Flint Group’s EkoCure® Dual Cure ink range spells success for Etimark

Etimark, a label and package printer based in Switzerland, has made the switch from mercury to UV LED curing for its presses after adopting Flint Group’s EkoCure® Dual Cure ink range.

Etimark, known for its customised package printing solutions, made a milestone decision to start using LED curing ink after realising how it could increase print speed, process security, and sustainability while reducing maintenance requirements. Since installing its first LED press in 2020, the international specialist in customised packaging printing transitioned all its production to the EkoCure® Dual Cure ink system in just one year and is now reaping the benefits of this innovative technology.

Etimark’s transition to using EkoCure® Dual Cure ink across its LED presses is detailed in a new video that can be found with this link: https://bit.ly/3F126tx

Marco Schulz, CFO/CIO and partner at Etimark, said: “The switch from UV to LED offers the following advantages: increased print speed, process security, less maintenance, and sustainability. Sustainability in the sense of lower energy costs, elimination of environmentally harmful mercury lamps, and ozone.”
more at: https://www.flintgrp.com/en/news-information/news-blog/flint-group-s-ekocure-dual-cure-ink-range-spells-success-for-etimark/

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