FSC Remedy Framework now open for consultation

The FSC Remedy Framework is now open for public consultation, until 10 May 2022. FSC looks forward to receiving inputs and suggestions from its stakeholders on ways to improve the efficacy of the FSC Remedy Framework. FSC invites all its stakeholders to participate in this consultation process, by clicking here.

Through this framework, FSC aims to standardize the requirements that non-conforming companies need to fulfil to remedy past social and environmental harm. The core objective of the FSC Remedy Framework is to promote forest restoration through the development and implementation of transparent remediation roadmaps by non-conforming companies.

About the FSC Remedy Framework

The FSC Remedy Framework defines the mechanisms FSC will use to address forest conversion and other violations of FSC’s Policy for Association. It brings together the provisions of FSC’s previous drafts of the Conversion Remedy Procedure and Policy for Association Remediation Framework, which were developed in parallel, in 2021.

By operationalizing the FSC Remedy Framework, FSC aims to ensure that the implementation of remedial actions for past harms take place in a proportionate and holistic manner, while addressing underlying environmental and social concerns. This will enable FSC to drive change that yields positive impacts in the world’s forests and the people that depend on them.

FSC will use this framework to determine the eligibility of any company that wishes to enter the FSC system, either by getting certified or joining as a member. The provisions of this framework will be applied to any company that wishes to become associated with FSC, either for the first time, or by ending disassociation.
more at: https://fsc.org/en/newsfeed/fsc-remedy-framework-now-open-for-consultation

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