GroupM Unveils ‘Channel-Level’ Carbon Calculator, Factors All Media In The Mix (

Months after rolling out a carbon calculator to estimate and influence the carbon impact of digital media buys, GroupM this morning unveiled a new version capable of measuring the carbon footprint of its client’s media buys across various media — both digital and analog.

The new “Channel-Level Carbon Calculator” was developed in partnership with carbon impact researcher Scope3, and GroupM currently is working with it to engineer a new media-planning API (applications protocol interface) that any agency or advertiser will be able to integrate into their media-processing tech stack to seamlessly ingest Scope3’s data in order to adjust their media mix or specific suppliers that do a better job of complying with their goals of reducing carbon emissions in their advertising and media buys.

While GroupM will have a “first-to-market” access to the API for a period of time, the WPP unit said the plan is for it to be “open source” for the entire industry to use.

“It’s not exclusive. Nothing is exclusive in the space of saving the planet,” explains GroupM and Choreograph Chief Innovation Officer Krystal Olivieri. “We’re just going to have access first because we are designing it with them.”
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