JICMAIL Q2 2023 Results

JICMAIL, the joint industry currency for ad mail, has today released the latest results from its panel-based mail planning system, which reveal that despite another challenging quarter for UK advertisers, the effectiveness of the mail channel has reached its highest point in a year and a half, with 30.5% of mail driving positive commercial outcomes for brands.

JICMAIL’s diary-based data captured from a panel of one thousand households every month reveals that in Q2 2023:
*Mail continued to prove its value as a commercially effective marketing channel for advertisers with 9% growth year on year in the proportion of mail items prompting commercial actions among consumers, up to a level of 30.5%.
*Mail proved its effectiveness at all stages of the customer journey: from driving brand discovery through brand discussions (up to 16% of mail in Q2 2023 from 14% in Q2 2022); to customer engagement through website visits (8% of mail); through to purchase fulfillment (up to 5% from 4% last year).
*Given the continued challenges that the UK high-street faces in the cost-of-living crisis, it was noteworthy that mail recorded a 30% increase in effectiveness at driving consumer footfall in store.
more at: https://www.twosides.info/UK/jicmail-q2-2023-results/

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