Kotkamills and Bentley Suomi: “The future of luxury is in sustainability”

Branded, wood fibre-based, easy-to-recycle cups manufactured from Kotkamills’ board are now used by Bentley Suomi.

The tailor-made cups commemorate the luxury brand’s more than 100-year history. The history of Kotkamills, a specialist in wood-based consumer packaging, goes back even further: it will soon be 150 years since the sawmill was established. In addition to a long history, Kotkamills and Bentley are united by a strong commitment to building a more sustainable future – without compromising quality.

The wood-based products are driving Bentley Suomi to the forefront of sustainable luxury. The high-quality branded cups reflect the sustainable and innovative use of natural resources, and they are safe to use and easy to recycle.

“Throughout their long histories, both Kotkamills and Bentley have successfully responded to changes – big and small – in their operating environment. The changes required as a result of the warming climate and plastification globally are massive, but not out of reach. Kotkamills and Bentley are employing unique technology and the sector’s best expertise to find the highest quality and most sustainable solutions. I am optimistic as we start building a more sustainable future together with Bentley Suomi,” says Kotkamills CEO Markku Hämäläinen.

“Bentley is on a journey towards unprecedented sustainable luxury in its next century. Our future vision is strongly reflected also in our current operations. We are investing in sustainably produced materials as we create and develop new solutions. We have long favoured ecologically produced natural materials, like wood from sustainably managed forests. Kotkamills’ way of operating meshes perfectly with our values,” says Brand Manager Jyri Brunou, Bentley Suomi.

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