Metalvac FP: Designed by Lecta for flexible packaging applications

Metalvac FP is Lecta’s metallized paper designed for flexible packaging applications that do not require any specific barrier properties, suitable for final applications like chocolate and ice cream cone wrappers as well as other food packaging applications without barrier requirements.

Papers used in flexible packaging must be compatible with a number of converting processes such as printing, laminating, extrusion, and pouch making. They should exhibit good runnability and processability on converting equipment to ensure efficient production and high-quality packaging, properties that stand out in Metalvac FP.

The main feature distinguishing this metallized paper is the special treatment applied to it, in accordance with current regulations, to prevent it giving off odors that could alter the smell and taste of food. Metalvac FP undergoes a sensory test whereby the tiniest trace of unusual smells and taste can be detected. Additionally, our paper has several characteristics that make it suitable for this kind of application. The most important are flexibility to be adaptable to various packaging formats, strength and printability for vibrant, high-quality graphics designs and branding.
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