Monadnock Paper Mills Announces Kona Label, Tag and Folding Box

Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. (MPM), a family-owned manufacturer that delivers high-performance specialty papers for the technical, packaging and printing markets, today announced its Kona® portfolio of packaging substrates that is made with non-wood fiber from used burlap bags diverted from the landfill.

Monadnock entered an exclusive licensing agreement with Arch Paper LLC and Whiting Paper Company for the production of a range of Kona paper and board products. Under a patented process, Monadnock is incorporating reclaimed burlap coffee bean bags into a variety of print and packaging substrates for the retail and hospitality markets.  The roasted shades and variegated fibers impart a beautiful and natural aesthetic that is smooth to the touch and pleasing to the eye.

Monadnock’s Kona line includes stocks for hang tags, price tickets, folding boxes and wet-strength labels. They are all Forest Stewardship Council Certified and are manufactured carbon-neutral using Green-e certified renewable electricity.

In 2016, 24.6 million coffee bean bags were imported into the United States.   Some of those bags are repurposed for crafts or storage but the majority were going into a landfill. Specifying packaging made with recycled natural fiber that already served a useful life is one more way brands can demonstrate responsible sourcing and their commitment to sustainability.

“We have expanded the Envi Portfolio® of products through our partnership with Whiting and Arch,” said Richard Verney, Chairman and CEO of Monadnock.  “As consumers become more eco-conscious with a desire to divert packaging materials from the waste stream, the timing is perfect for the addition of Kona to the Envi line.”

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