New York student won BillerudKorsnäs’ packaging design competition PIDA

Emily Frieden from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York triumphed in USA Packaging Design Impact Award (PIDA) and earned this year’s Gold Award. Her entry “Lavash” impressed the jury most with its “attention to detail in every aspect of the brand, design, and execution.”

Lavash is a volcano-shaped package for a shower set. The design features all stages of volcanic activity – dormant, active, and extinct. Even the typography mimics volcanic eruptions.

“When I was researching different elements of nature I was really inspired by the juxtaposition of the restorative parts of volcanoes,” says Emily Frieden. “It’ s just cool, fun, nature. I thought there’ s a lot I can do there, how I can bring that experience to packaging. It was a lot of fun.”

At PIDA, design students from universities and colleges from seven countries compete with their creative packaging designs. The competition is organized as five separate events: the USA, Sweden, France/Belgium, the UK, China*, and Germany/Austria. The winners of the Gold Award at each event will meet in a Grand Finale at Luxe Pack Monaco in October.

Every year, the contestants get a new brief. At PIDA 2022 the title of the brief is “It’s a Wild Life”, encouraging the students to find inspiration in nature for their packaging concepts. As for Ms Frieden’s “Lavash” entry, the jury’s notes read: “…innovative, sustainable, user-friendly and beautifully designed and executed. We were impressed with the way the volcano theme was woven through each element of this product and package.”
more at:–news/press-releases/2022/new-york-student-won-billerudkorsnas-packaging-design-competition-pida

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