Orion Rental Packaging Program Expansion Enables European BioPharma Companies to Increase Sustainability

Sonoco ThermoSafe, a unit of Sonoco (NYSE:SON), one of the largest global providers of temperature assurance cold chain packaging, is expanding its Orion Rental packaging program in Europe, adding an additional reclamation service station in Brussels.

The new Orion reclamation station is at CEVA Logistics in Brussels, chosen as an ideal location for its proximity to existing biopharma customers, prospects, and other western European countries. CEVA Logistics is a well-established logistics partner to 500+ healthcare and life science companies, fully compliant to GxP and ISO standards. The BRU Orion Rental Station will perform full reclamation, cleaning, and refurbishment processes necessary to return Orion boxes back into circulation in ‘like new’ quality condition, suitable for healthcare products.

The Orion Rental Program provides reusable parcel packaging for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature sensitive markets to support sustainability goals. The temperature assurance boxes are preconditioned at an Orion Rental Station and delivered Just-in-Time (JIT) to the pharmaceutical company for them to ship products to their customers, typically clinical sites, healthcare/distribution facilities, and now directly to patients. The Orion Program is state-of-the-art, including highest standard temperature assurance packaging, technology, and customer service that supports every aspect of a reusable packaging including forecasting and ordering. Customers also benefit from time saving self-serving tools such as an online ordering portal which provides visibility from orders-to-reports.
more at: https://investor.sonoco.com/news-releases/news-release-details/orion-rental-packaging-program-expansion-enables-european

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