Pregis Announces 2K30 Sustainability Goals

Pregis is formalizing its wide-ranging sustainability initiatives into seven concrete goals to be achieved by the year 2030. Here’s what they are.

The things we value deserve to be protected, whether it’s a gift sent to loved ones, a precious keepsake to commemorate a milestone, or just something special to put a smile on someone’s face. At Pregis, what we value most is our planet — it’s our gift, our keepsake, and our bringer of joy in one. Since the beginning, we have been committed to ensuring that the things we do leave the world a better place than we found it, and we are thrilled to formalize that commitment with our 2K30 Sustainability Goals.

Climate change is no longer an abstract issue — it poses a future threat to the availability of resources for generations to come. Pew Research found that citizens of 13 out of 26 nations they surveyed view climate change as the top threat in the world. According to research by Kearney, people remain highly concerned about the environment, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why 2K30?
For over 50 years, Pregis has been working on improving our products, processes, and partnerships towards being more sustainable and earth-friendly. When the UN declared 2020 as the Decade of Action, we saw a chance to magnify our impact by aligning what we were already doing with the UN’s broad 2K30 goals. This opportunity to do even more and leave an even bigger mark led to our formal goals.

By the year 2030, Pregis will:
Eliminate one million unnecessary reshipments.
Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.
Save 15 million new trees from harvest.
Make 100 percent of Pregis products recyclable, reusable, or with a minimum 30 percent reduced reliance on new fossil-based ingredients.
Achieve 100 percent product and process waste reduction at Pregis facilities globally.
Invest $15 million in circular, scalable, and sustainable material, process, and waste solutions at our facilities globally.
Make a positive impact on 25 million lives.

What We’re Working Toward
Building a more sustainable future isn’t just about making packaging more recyclable, though that’s certainly an important step. Reaching true sustainability requires more than just working around the edges. Our goal at Pregis is to help build a new kind of circular economy — one where products and processes are designed from the very beginning to use fewer resources, create less waste and pollution, and create a seamless transition between use, reuse, and recycling.

That means working toward making every one of our products less wasteful to produce and easier to recycle. It also means working with our partners to ensure their packages are better protected to ultimately reduce reships, a major contributor to waste. It means investing in better technologies and greener ways of doing things, and giving back to the communities we live and work in. It means monitoring our carbon footprint, and helping the companies we work with monitor theirs. And it means keeping track of everything we do each day and constantly asking, “Is there a more sustainable way of doing this?”

Sustainability Is a Journey
Sustainability doesn’t just happen. It’s a series of steps taken daily by millions of people. It’s the recognition that what we do every day matters, which pushed us to ensure our commitment wasn’t just a set of vague goals, but a true plan. And it’s that recognition that inspired our Pregis Purpose Awards, which we dedicate to partners that have joined us on the journey toward a greener future. Because we can’t make this journey alone.

For over half a century, Pregis has committed itself towards positive change — for ourselves, for our partners, our loved ones, and the world at large. With our 2K30 goals, we have made this commitment formal, and we want to invite everyone to follow us on this journey at the Pregis 2K30 Hub. And we hope that you join us in committing to sustainability with your own 2K30 pledges.

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