Royal Mail Market Reach launches ‘Physically Irresistible’ showcasing the power of direct mail

As we come out of lock-down, more opportunities for businesses are emerging and it’s important for marketers to seize them. Direct mail is perfect for doing that as it can build more personal connections with the people who value your brand.

It’s a topic we recently spoke about in our article ‘Direct mail provides opportunity for brands to cut through the noise‘.

Mail is highly targeted and has a format which enables a longer narrative, perfect for sparking conversations. People like receiving, sharing and discussing it. And it is measurable – so you can track and optimise your campaigns.

Royal Mail MarketReach has created an eBook showcasing a collection of the most inspirational direct mail from around the world, so you can see how some of the leading brands are using mail to create deeper and more emotional connections with their customers.

Discover the power of physical, and download your copy by clicking the link below.
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