SCA praised for transparency in sustainability reporting

This month, it was announced that SCA ranks high among Europe’s 500 biggest companies for digital communication according to the Webranking Report carried out by Comprend. Among other things SCA received the highest score for CSR in Sweden, alongside StoraEnso and SSAB.

Sustainability was the second most prioritized section in this year’s Webranking and one in which SCA got the highest score in Sweden, receiving 87% of the maximum score (compared with last year’s 78%).
In particular, respondents considered SCA to be most transparent about their sustainability work in their online channels highlighting the presentation of both environmental and social data, as well as clearly communicated targets and follow-up actions.That SCA now has a digital sustainability report, further increased our score.

Results also showed that many companies still lag when it comes to sharing their sustainability information on the web. This year the goal achievement was 32%.

“The survey shows that European companies must take the issue of transparency in sustainability more seriously,” says Tommy Borg Lund, Director of CSR at Hallvarsson & Halvarsson.

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