Schumann Printers Welcomes the Arrival of New ECS Eagle and ECS Ospray Inkjet Devices

We’re thrilled to announce our latest investment in the ECS Eagle and ECS Ospray inkjet devices. These two devices recently landed at our facility, and will be up and running soon. They are poised to help transform print production in our bindery with mailing applications. They will set new standards for efficiency, quality, and versatility. Read below more about what makes these inkjet devices exceptional.

ECS Ospray Inkjet Print Head Features:
*Enhanced Speed: The ECS Ospray is engineered to support high-speed applications, ensuring maximum productivity.
*Optimized Design: Designed for seamless operation on lugged transports and mail tables, with a wide solid print area to accommodate diverse printing needs.
*Cost-Effective Printing: Our commitment to affordability is reflected in the use of FlexPrint inks, delivering high-quality prints at a low cost. Businesses can achieve vibrant results without breaking the bank.
*User-Friendly Features: From hands-free ink management to automated startup and changeover, the ECS Ospray streamlines operations for enhanced efficiency. Compatibility with the ECS Raptor print controller offers scalability and flexibility.
*Versatile Applications: Whether it’s uncoated or aqueous-coated stocks, the ECS Ospray excels in printing magazines, booklets, catalogs, and more, catering to a wide range of printing needs.

ECS Eagle Inkjet Print Head Features:
*Unmatched Speed: With a remarkable 500 feet per minute at 600 x 300 DPI, the ECS Eagle ensures rapid turnaround times without compromising quality.
*Superior Quality: True native 600 DPI quality guarantees crisp, clear prints that meet the highest standards of precision.
*Seamless Printing: The solid 4.25” print head enables stitch-less printing on large areas, while the ability to drive up to six heads from a single PC maximizes productivity.
*Cost-Effective Imaging: By utilizing smaller drop sizes and offering low-cost ink options, the ECS Eagle minimizes ink usage and imaging costs.
*Unrivaled Versatility: From glossy to UV-coated, aqueous-coated, and uncoated paper stocks, the ECS Eagle offers more ink options than any other vendor, providing unmatched flexibility.

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