Sustainable forests, sustainable landscapes, sustainable livelihoods – PEFC Week 2016 begins!

Today marks the first day of PEFC Forest Certification Week 2016, the one week in the year when the whole PEFC family from around the world gathers together to discuss not only the future of the organization but the future of forest certification.

“This year we came to the vibrant island of Bali, which has already made us feel very welcome,” said Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International, on eve of PEFC Week. “We are all looking forward to a challenging but inspirational week, which will culminate in the PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue.”

Perhaps the highlight of the week, the PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue is when we open up PEFC Week to the public, focusing in on some of the key issues and future opportunities for both forest certification and sustainable forest management.

This year’s theme “Sustainable Landscapes for Sustainable Livelihoods” brings together experts from numerous different backgrounds and specializations to debate how forest sustainable forestry and forest certification can contribute beyond traditional boundaries to accelerate sustainable development.

With the world’s global leaders meeting in Marrakech at the same time, it is the perfect time for us to explore how, together, we can amplify the essential role that forests and trees play in providing solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges.

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