The Dynamic Duo Duel Over the Best Brand Execution

Print marketing offers a blend of many offline marketing touchpoints in the customer journey that multiplies marketing performance when incorporated into a comprehensive optichannel strategy.

This course will cover:
*New technologies and data-powered print marketing techniques
*Top design concepts to consider
*The importance of brand consistency across channels
*Research: The power of offline marketing in optichannel campaigns.

During the Track 1 presentations, you’ll hear from leading experts including:
*Brent Niemuth, President & Partner, J. Schmid
*Tim M. Curtis, President and CEO, CohereOne
*Ray Van Iterson, USPS
*Sabine Lenz, Founder, PaperSpecs
*Lisa Cross, Principal Analyst, NAPCO Research
*Chuck Schonert, Director of Research and Development, Idealliance.
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