What’s Your Wish for the Future of Forests?

Hundreds of wishes drawn in sand wound their way through the forest in celebration of the International Day of Forests.

This spectacular art action marked the conclusion of the nationwide Wunschwald (or Forest of Wishes) campaign by PEFC Germany. People from around the country were invited to share their personal wishes for the forests of the future, and international action artist Gijs van Bon brought the most popular wishes into reality.

“It’s important that the wishes are written here so they can be read and they can be recognized by other people,” said Gijs van Bon. “If they recognize a wish, they might also join in and make that wish true.”

“My wish for the forest is that there is more forest around us and that the forests are more natural with more diversity of trees, so that people can enjoy the calm and the stillness more.”

50 well-chosen wishes also played an important role one day later when in PEFC Germany’s Forest Capital Brilon (North Rhine-Westphalia) children planted several new trees in a “Generationenwald” (“generation forest”). You can even take a walk through the wishes on Google Street View!

The campaign has since been nominated for the German Prize for Online Communication 2017!

read more/source: http://www.pefc.org/news-a-media/general-sfm-news/2357-what-s-your-wish-for-the-future-of-forests

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