Why some marketers are shifting their focus from inboxes to mailboxes (marketingbrew.com)

For the generations that grew up on Blue’s Clues, mail time is pretty few and far between these days.

As a Gen Z/millennial “cusper,” Emily Loof, development and marketing manager at education nonprofit Colorado Youth for a Change (CYC), said she’s pushed for an increased use of direct mail in her current and past roles. Since last year, she said CYC has “about doubled” its direct-mail marketing budget.

In addition to seeing increased donations, Loof said she’s also received feedback that indicates younger people may be itching for more things in their mailbox. One person “tagged our organization on Facebook and said, ‘This is so cool. Like, I never get letters from people that I donate to,’” she told us.

Given growing data-privacy concerns, clutter in online advertising, and demand for brand authenticity, some marketers we spoke to said the best way to reach younger consumers could be through some good ol’ fashioned snail mail.
more at source: https://www.marketingbrew.com/stories/2022/07/12/why-some-marketers-are-shifting-their-focus-from-inboxes-to-mailboxes

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