Disruptive Catalogs: 5 Ways to Mix it Up (jschmid.com)

If you’ve been following J.Schmid’s blog posts recently, you’ve already enjoyed reading about the many ways to make your catalog stand out, from show-stopping covers to using devices that invite interaction. But what about rethinking the very construct of your catalog? What about developing a mix-it-up strategy? We know the traditional catalog format serves many purposes: it provides the real estate to express your brand and convey the breadth of your product selection. But the other truth is that you can also stand out in the mailbox, capture attention, and achieve multiple objectives by changing up your format every now and then. Here are five ways to think outside the catalog “box,” as it were. See more at: https://www.jschmid.com/blog/disruptive-catalogs-five-ways-to-mix-it-up/

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