Women of Adventure

Omnichannel Marketing Part 9: A Powerful Human Narrative

Garmin’s Women of Adventure campaign has been a bastion of the company’s sports, fitness and outdoor recreation division since it launched over 5 years ago. Recognizing the growing trend of predominantly male customers in their outdoor segment, Garmin launched an initiative focused on engaging the female community, proving that Garmin GPS and wearable tech can support and enhance their outdoor experiences.

They started telling stories. Sharing photographs. Documenting adventures. All while inviting the fearless, persistent, and resilient women who live out their passions daily to engage with them across their platforms. By working with everyone from professional athletes to outdoor hobbyists, Garmin has created a space for women to engage with other women, whether they run, ride, sail, or anything in between.

It’s a hook built on invitation, inclusivity, and a shared place to explore wide open spaces… together.

Landing Page – At the core of this omnichannel advertising campaign is a central landing page dedicated to sharing the stories of the “Women of Adventure.”

Video – While the landing page acts as a central hub for the written and visual storytelling of the campaign, each element gets drawn out in other mediums to have a life of its own.

Social – As with any successful omnichannel advertising campaign, content needs to do more than live online – it needs to drive user engagement.

Children’s Book – An online home, moving visual and written content, and consistent, authentic invitations to engage with the brand across social channels.
details at: https://www.jschmid.com/blog/ad-campaign-women-of-adventure/

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