It’s The End Of The World As Direct-to-Consumer Brands Know It, But Apple Feels Fine

Last month, my colleague, Michelle Houston (EVP, Client Services, CohereOne), offered her insights on how direct-to-consumer retail brands are weathering an onslaught of storms originating in 2020 that continue to disrupt day-to-day operations.

This month, I will focus on one specific disruption: Apple’s recent privacy changes.

If you haven’t closely followed this story, here’s a quick refresher.

Earlier this year, Apple updated its operating software to pack more punch from a privacy standpoint. In short, iPhone and iPad users can more deliberately select whether or not the applications (“apps”) on their devices (social media platforms and games, in particular) can share their data for marketing purposes. Apple device users now routinely encounter pop-ups within the apps prompting an answer as to whether the user wants to allow the app to “track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites.”
read more at:–Y-JCKD0Nm5Uu–CEJ8ephvrM6CDmzU8CDHnDmIF_KOTmvBDGMWs1eXx3qBUV_zQJzLjfcdW3A1ZnD3qXhuad5d1XoecZJstCMkzYbBZOk9adLuQY&utm_content=159547831&utm_source=hs_email

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