July Posts Worst Ad Decline In Two Years, Big Categories Lead Contraction (mediapost.com)

The U.S. advertising marketplace contracted 12.7% in July versus the same month a year ago, marking its first double-digit rate of decline since July 2020, according to a MediaPost analysis of data from Standard Media Index’s U.S. Ad Market Tracker.

Compared with July 2020, which was the tail-end of the COVID-19 ad recession, the U.S. ad market was up 29.7%.

Smaller ad categories continue to be sustaining ad spending better than the largest ones. While the top 10 ad categories declined 14% in year-over-year ad spending in July, all other categories contracted only 11%.
more at: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/376744/july-posts-worst-ad-decline-in-two-years-big-cate.html

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