The New Recession Playbook: Rethinking What Hardworking Media Really Is (

What’s that sound you hear? It’s marketers gritting their teeth as they’re being asked to give up their precious advertising dollars to help insulate their brands from the looming recession. Or you may have heard the marketers or agencies say “Let’s only focus on hardworking media,” which typically means lower-funnel, digital-only, highly targeted, easily measurable, promotional campaigns designed to boost short-term sales and eliminate “waste.” They’re all part of the marketer’s recession playbook.

But should they be?

In reality, we should all consider a different path forward: Now is an opportune timeto shore up brand awareness and loyalty by increasing media investments with brand-building, mass-reaching, highly creative advertising campaigns. Before anyone rolls their eyes or shrugs this off as old-school thinking, let’s take a look at the data to unpack why increasing or even maintaining advertising spend is so important and what hardworking media really is so that we can evolve the old recession playbook for today’s economic climate.
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