Move With Your Customers (

Now more than ever, amidst a global pandemic, people are leaving crowded cities and opting for a more suburban lifestyle where housing is more affordable, the risk of human interaction is less, and working from home is the new norm. Irrespective of what we’re seeing in recent months however, people are always moving. As marketers, it’s important that we follow our customers and greet them at their new home with the right content, since often times, a move can be a trigger for a purchase event.

Working with several home furnishing brands, we are creating impactful and interesting new mover programs to stand out from more traditional mailings and to cater to their life event. This mail piece is a strong brand statement and will highlight a discount offer separate from other sales that may occur during that timeframe.

Our clients are experiencing great success by creating content and messaging relevant to this new life event. In addition, we also take it step further – we identify the pre-movers.
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