Part 3: Combatting the climate crisis and biodiversity loss: How verified forest data is benefitting businesses

Proving you’re contributing to the world’s net-zero by 2050 goal is now a business imperative. In this third blog of the “Unite in the Forest Fight” series, we share how companies’ forest stewardship is unlocking tangible benefits with verified data.

For far too long, the value of forests has been measured by the quantity of commercial products we can take from them. Unsustainable harvesting of timber, rubber, and other forest products are taking their toll, as is continued deforestation for expansion of agricultural land for livestock feed production, such as soy and, and for crops such as palm oil1.

It’s no surprise that each year approximately 12 million hectares of forest are destroyed2. Traditionally, economic incentives have prioritized degradation and conversion at the expense of conservation, often neglecting the vital efforts of forest managers.

Yet, as the world confronts the imperative of achieving a global net-zero by 2050, forest stewardship finally finds its rightful place in the spotlight.
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